Wheel Alignment Things to look for

  • Uneven Tire wear

    Outside or inside edges of tire worn.

  • Vehicle Pulling

    If you are needing to hold your steering wheel to keep your vehicle going straight.

  • Reduced Handling

    Vehicle corners poorly or doesn’t steer well.

  • Poor Gas Mileage

    Too many trips to the gas pump.

There are three main wheel alignment measurements


Each of the three Wheel alignment measurements have specifications that a wheel alignment technician uses to make adjustments on.


Wheel alignment camber is the vertical position from the top of the tire to the road. If the Camber is off it will cause uneven tire wear, handling will be reduced, and cause low gas mileage. Camber is measured in degrees. If the top of your tire is pointed toward the inside of your wheel well this is negative camber. If the top of your tire is going away from your wheel well this is positive camber.It is important to have the correct camber because this will effect how your tire grips the road. The more surface area the tire has on the road the better the grip. Since the streets we drive on are curved slightly the camber setting is set a little positive. When you drive fast around a corner your camber will change causing less tire contact on the road. Negative camber will help your vehicle handle corners more to offset the positive camber effect. Race cars will have their camber set negative.


Wheel alignment caster is the angle between the steering pivot point and the front to back of the vehicle. If the caster is off it will affect the handling of the vehicle. Positive caster will assist in making the vehicle more stable at higher speeds, increase leaning when taking a corner, and will also increase the effort put into steering the vehicle. Positive caster occurs when the top of this axis-line tilts towards the rear of the vehicle.


Toe is the positioning of the front of the tires from a straight-ahead position. If your toe position is off it will cause your vehicle to tend to drift to the side, uneven tire wear, and low gas mileage. Toe is a measurement of how much the tires are turning in or out. The tires are toed in if the tire is pointing in (positive toe), and toed out if the tire is pointing out (negative toe). Positive toe helps with straight line stability of the vehicle.

When you drive a car, you want to have complete safety, and you want to make sure that you stay safe at all times. The reality is that there are lots of situations when your car won’t be able to run properly due to internal issues. Or you can deal with some other problems such as wheel alignment mishaps for example. But what does this mean? Let’s find out!
What is wheel alignment?
This is the positioning of your wheels relative to your car. The idea is that you need to have your wheels properly aligned in order for the vehicle to work adequately. Also, you need to make sure that the wheels are pointing towards the same direction as your vehicle. This is crucial, otherwise you will end up dealing with some steering issues, and in the end, this can be quite the problem. You will have to make sure that your wheels are properly aligned at all times if you want to drive safely, and that’s why we are here to help you with that.
The great thing about the Wheel alignment Santa Rosa service is that it can address any concerns and problems in no time. Its primary focus is on bringing you the value and quality that you may need. Not only that, but it’s also here to offer you a wide array of other incredible benefits which are listed below!
If you want to maintain good control over your car, you need to have your wheels properly aligned at all times. If you don’t do this, then the steering process will become a nightmare, and you will note that the tires will end up having a lot of wear. Not only that, but the fuel economy will be pretty bad, and that’s the last thing you want to have in the end. The idea is to handle all these problems as fast as possible, otherwise you can deal with some major complications.
For example, if you don’t do proper Wheel alignment Santa Rosa as fast as possible, your vehicle will end up having lots of steering problems. On top of that, you will deal with plenty of comfort problems as you drive, and in the end that can be quite demanding for you. Plus, fuel economy ends up being pretty bad if you have wheel misalignment. These are problems that you have to address as fast as possible, otherwise your car will not function the way you want. And it’s a shame because you can easily solve all those problems and many others thanks to our Wheel alignment Santa Rosa service.
What is included in the Wheel alignment check?
When you do a Wheel alignment Santa Rosa check, your can will go through a multitude of different processes. First, you will note that there’s an inspection of steering and suspension components. These are vital for any driver, so you have to be certain that they are working properly. On top of that, you also need to make sure that you don’t deal with any potential suspension wear either. It’s inportant to have this type of check-up since you get to identify any malfunctioning parts before it’s to late.
The check-up also includes an examination of the tires for wear, inflation, and size. Basically, the Wheel alignment Santa Rosa process is a lot more complex, and it features all the tasks needed to ensure your safety on the road. It’s mandatory to have this type of approach, and it can indeed pay off immensely in the end.
Plus, you should note the fact that this process also includes a comparison of your current alignment with the manufacturer guidelines. This is crucial if you want to keep your car running properly for a very long time. As time passes, there will be alignment problems, and you never have to worry about any potential problems. It works to your advantage, and in the end, it can indeed pay off.

Benefits of Wheel alignment Santa Rosa
Right off the bat, the primary benefit of our Wheel alignment Santa Rosa service is that you get to drive your vehicle without any safety issues. There are always some major concerns when it comes to your safety and the safety of your passengers, and our Wheel alignment Santa Rosa solves any issues like that.

Not only do we help with safety, but we also help you get a reduced tire wear. Having worn tires can be quite a problem, and you will end up dealing with additional repair or replacement costs. Thanks to Wheel alignment Santa Rosa, you get to avoid this type of problems.
Then you also get a much better gas mileage. The thing to keep in mind here is that you won’t have to purchase so much fuel. As a result, you spend less on fuel, and you can invest your money in car repairs or any type of task that you may want.
Plus, your car will end up running a lot better. Gone are the days when you were pondering what causes those problems, and you are bound to appreciate the quality and value delivered here. It’s all about knowing how to address all these problems, something that the Wheel alignment Santa Rosa service will deliver at all times.

Of course, the Wheel alignment Santa Rosa service will also help you put less stress on those vital components inside your car. It’s just a much better option and one that will offer you a stellar array of opportunities too. If you like steering at high speeds, our Wheel alignment Santa Rosa will make this process a lot safer and easier. Doing this with misaligned wheels can lead to disaster, but once you contact us, we can fix this, and you can easily push your car to new heights.
As you can see, our Wheel alignment Santa Rosa service can bring you amazing features and high-quality results. Not only do you protect your car, but you get to push it to the next level fast and easy as well. All you need is to get in touch with us, and we will happily assist!