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Smog Repair Santa Rosa

If you are low income the government will provide smog repair assistance to eligible consumers. Click this link for an online consumer assistance application.

Consumer assistance repairs

Hensley’s Auto does consumer assistance repairs.  Just bring in your letter of eligibility when you are approved.

A lot of vehicles that need smog repairs are older. When it comes to smog repairs older vehicles are harder to fix. Starting in 1996 vehicle manufacturers started standardizing vehicle emission repair. They have made it easier to fix vehicles if you have the proper tools.

Smog Repair Cost Limit

The repair cost limit is $650. You have to spend at least $650 in order to get a vehicle repair cost waiver. The tricky part is that if the only thing your vehicle needs is an engine then you need to install an engine. The repairs have to be at a licensed smog check station and you can’t submit receipts for parts that you bought on your own. The smog station needs to do a before test and an after repairs test on the vehicle. Then you can set a referee appointment to get the waiver. The referee is at the Santa Rosa JR College.

The person selling you the vehicle is responsible for the smog inspection unless the vehicle is a lien sale, or from a junk yard. Government assistance and cost limit programs can’t be used to change ownership of a vehicle.

Smog Repair Tips

This is a generic emission guide. There are some situations where these guidelines are not true.

Fix your check engine light trouble codes first.

Target high CO emissions before addressing other emissions – CO partially burned fuel, is produced by excessive fuel entering the combustion chamber (rich mixture). CO is not tune up related. Things that cause a rich fuel mixture are a defective O2 sensor, incorrect fuel pressure, or other sensors or actuators that are used for fuel control.

Address high HC – High HC is caused by a misfire (raw unburned fuel). There are seven different misfires.
Ignition misfire – The ignition system consists of wires, coil, plugs, distributor cap and tune-up related parts.
timing misfire – ignition timing setting – Newer vehicles don’t have timing adjustments.
lean misfire – not enough fuel entering the combustion chamber. Bad injector, plugged fuel filter, bad air flow sensor, vacuum leaks, and fuel pressure.
rich misfire – too much fuel.
EGR misfire – defective EGR valve(leaking), excessive EGR flow
Idle misfire – rpm too low
Compression misfire – engine problems, burn valve, bad piston ring, cam timing off
High NOx
Lean fuel mixture (not enough fuel)
EGR valve not working
Carbon buildup in combustion chamber