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Our smog checks come with a free re-test if you fail. Hensley's Auto is a full service auto repair and star smog station.

Smog tips

  • Keep your vehicle tuned up.

    Following your factory scheduled maintenance is key to keeping your vehicle running well.

  • Make sure your check engine light is off.

    Your vehicle check engine light is part of the smog check program. When your check engine light is on there is a problem that needs to be fixed.

  • Make sure your emission hoses are in good condition.

    There are emission hoses that are visually checked during the smog inspection. If any of them are damaged they will need to be repaired.

What is checked

There are three parts to the smog inspection.  Visual, Functional, and Emissions.

  • Visual

    The visual inspection of the smog check involves making sure everything on your vehicle is stock. Also all your hoses and vacuum line connections are looked over for defects.

  • Functional

    The functional part of the smog inspection involves making sure the check engine light works, gas cap and fuel tank can hold pressure, and your timing + EGR valve are working.

  • Emissions test

    On 1999 and older vehicles the emissions are checked.