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  • Your Computer Checks Your Vehicle

    Think of an OBD2 drive cycle as an emission control system checked by your vehicles computer and not a human.

    Your vehicles on board computer system does a better job checking smog than humans with smog machines.

  • Slow Computer

    The problem with the computer checking the smog is that it can take weeks or months. Your vehicle computer system checks everything during many different driving conditions.

  • It's Not How Long, But How You Drive

    Drive cycles are set by driving conditions and not driving length. Checking OBD2 Clearing House and Obtaining a drive cycle chart is your first step in getting the issue solved.

  • How Do Drive Cycles Get Reset

    Drive cycles get reset by someone clearing your vehicle computer data or your battery being dead.

    If your check engine light was on and someone cleared the light this will also clear the OBD2 Monitors.

    The system is designed to fail the smog for both not having the monitors incomplete or having the check engine light on. This prevents someone from getting a smog check by clearing the vehicle computer data. If your vehicle computer had the check engine light on the problem should be fixed. Otherwise you will be driving around and the light will come back on before all the monitors are set.

Hensley’s Auto is here to help you with your OBD2 Drive Cycle Problem. We are setting up this page as an open forum for discussion about this very frustrating issue. We are including links that we found to be helpful.

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OBD2 Drive Cycle Chart

OBD2 Drive Cycle Chart

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