Clutch Repair

What You Ought to Know About Automobile Clutches.

All vehicles, regardless if they are on automatic or manual
transmissions are equipped with clutches. Automobiles need clutches because the engine spins constantly, but the wheels don’t. To stop your vehicle without stopping the engine, the wheels should be disconnected from the engine. The automobile clutch makes it easy to transmit a spinning engine by controlling the slippage between these components.

How a clutch works

In order for you to understand how does clutch work, you need to know a bit about friction. Basically, friction measures how difficult it is to slide things over each other. It is caused by the valleys and peaks of a surface. Take note that even smooth surfaces still have very small valleys and peaks. The bigger the valleys and peaks, the more difficult it is to slide things.

The clutch works because of the friction between the flywheel and a clutch plate. In an automobile clutch, the flywheel is connected to the engine and the clutch plate is connected to the transmission. If you step on the pedal, the spring will add pressure to the plate over the clutch disc which will transmit the pressure on the flywheel. This will lock the engine to the input shaft and will result to the equal spinning. The level of force that a car clutch can hold relies on the amount of friction between the flywheel and a clutch plate as well as the amount of force that the spring adds pressure on the plate.

When you step on the clutch pedal, a hydraulic piston will push a release fork that will add pressure on the bearing on the diaphragm spring. When pressure is added to the diaphragm spring, the external pins of the spring will pull the pressure away from the plate. This will release the clutch from the spinning engine.

How long does an automobile clutch last

Prior to 1970s, you are lucky enough to get between 45,000 to 65,000 miles for a clutch. Newer models can now last more than 90,000 miles as long as you use the car carefully and you maintain your vehicle quite well. Car clutches that are often worn down can only make it up to 35,000 miles. In addition, trucks that are often overloaded might result to problems later on.

Because the clutch is one of the most important components of a car, it is crucial to have it repaired immediately if there are problems. The price range of car repair is about $300 to $2000 or could be higher depending on the model, make, and type of car.
However, you can avoid paying the expensive cost of vehicle clutch repair if you have them regularly maintained and inspected by professional mechanics. The cost of regular maintenance is quite lower compared to the cost of emergency clutch repair.
Meanwhile, if you are in need of clutch repair, make certain that you are only dealing with professionals. Be sure that you have experienced mechanics to resolve problems with your automobile clutch. Aside from getting the clutch fixed promptly, entrusting the task to specialists will ensure the quality of the repair.