Auto Repair Santa Rosa

Auto Repair

Auto Repair

Unfortunately, there will be a time when your vehicle needs auto repair. Hensley’s Auto Repair can help keep your vehicle on the road. Broken belts and cooling hoses can strand you at the worst time.

Hensley’s Auto works on many different makes and model vehicles. Hensley’s uses digital scanners and repair manuals to help figure out and repair vehicles. We do auto repairs on Toyota, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, Nissan, BMW, Audi, Subaru, Honda, Dodge, GMC, Pontiac, and more.

Technical service bulletins and special service bulletins are used to help us figure out what is going on with your vehicle and minimize misdiagnoses. If there are any factory issues with your vehicle we will know. Some but not all service bulletins are covered by warranty.

Vehicle maintenance

Preventative maintenance should always be done to help keep up on auto repair needs. Keeping up on factory scheduled maintenance can help keep your auto repair surprises to a minimum. Part of a factory vehicle maintenance program is performing factory scheduled maintenance at certain mileage or time intervals. Your vehicle owner’s manual will show when scheduled maintenance is due. At Hensley’s Auto, we have access to factory scheduled maintenance charts. Click here for more information about vehicle maintenance Santa Rosa.

Vehicle maintenance light

Most vehicles are also equipped with a vehicle maintenance light. The light is triggered on my your vehicle mileage. Your vehicle maintenance light is reset by the technician when your vehicle maintenance is done.

Check engine light repair

Your vehicle check engine light can often be confused to be a vehicle maintenance light. Your check engine light can me triggered when your vehicle’s on board computer system detects a sensor or actuator out of range. The check engine light is part of the vehicle’s smog check system. The check engine light is not triggered by mileage. Having a check engine light on will cause your vehicle to fail the smog check. The vehicle computer system will store a trouble code that can be retrieved by the auto repair technician.

Check engine light diagnoses

When your check engine light is on you should bring your vehicle in to check what code is stored. The stored code should be diagnosed by Hensley’s Auto to see what is wrong.  Repairing a check engine light is considered a smog repair.  Click here for more information about smog repair Santa Rosa.

Auto repair overheating

Overheating your vehicle should never be done. Overheating can cause engine damage. There are many different things that can cause a vehicle to overheat. Below is a list of common problems.

Low engine coolant – If your cooling system has a leak your coolant will become low and cause an overheating condition. Hensley’s Auto has a coolant pressure tester that we use to detect and help locate coolant system leaks.

Broken engine cooling hose

Hoses will wear on your vehicle. They should be checked and or replaced when deteriorated. Cooling hoses are known to burst when old.

Broken engine belt

Your vehicles water pump in most cases is driven by an engine belt. If your engine belt breaks this will cause your vehicle to overheat.

Water pump repair

When a water pump goes bad it can start leaking. Some water pumps have fins that can break causing you to overheat.

Clutch repair

Your vehicle’s clutch can leave you stranded. If you detect your engine racing, but your vehicle’s not moving you may need a new clutch. Click here for more information about clutch repair in Santa Rosa.